Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Why Elizabeth Warren Won't Be VP

Elizabeth Warren: VP? Nope.
I suggested earlier today that Elizabeth Warren appears to be running pretty hard to become Hillary Clinton's vice presidential candidate and that brought some pretty good argument to the fore--most of which I agree with.

Warren--to many of us--is a much more attractive presidential candidate than either Clinton or Sanders (forget Trump; an orangutan is a more attractive candidate than he), but she does not yet have the resume. You will argue that her resume is about what Obama's was when he was elected initially, but Obama was not a woman. Obama did not follow a black person or a woman in office.

Some years ago, Mary Sue Terry stepped up to take her turn as Virginia's Democratic governor. She would follow Doug Wilder, the first black governor in the commonwealth since Reconstruction (maybe ever). Terry began the campaign against young backbench Republican House member George Allen with a huge lead, something like 21 points. He was thought not to have a chance against an insider who had paid her dues.

But then the second thoughts began to slide in and Allen's people planted the "lesbian" seed. She sunk like a rock. White men were dying for a reason not to vote for her and there they had it.

James Glass responded to my post this morning with the following, which makes a lot of sense: "The patriarchy won't allow two women in the most powerful office[es] just yet. The dying patriarchy will accept this woman[Clinton] because she's a Republican Lite and because a man is in the back up position [Bill Clinton]. Clinton is no fool--she's savvy, clever, and fully aware that her VP pick must be male to appease the unwashed masses."

All that leads me to reconsider. Clinton is probably closer to appointing a former Virginia governor, Tim Kaine, in a lively irony, than appointing Warren. Glass suggested Warren would be a good Secretary of State. I think she makes a better senator than VP or Secretary of State. Let's just leave where she is doing a world of good. 

Maybe a Supreme Court spot would be best, eventually.

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