Saturday, June 11, 2016

Where Will You Be Sitting for UT-VT?

Tennessee's Neyland Stadium fits like this inside the Bristol Motor Speedway.
Those of you who will be among the record 160,000 fans filling Bristol Motor Speedway for the early September football game between the University of Tennessee and Virginia Tech will be interested to note just how big the venue is.

Tennessee's Neyland Stadium is one of the largest on-campus stadiums in the country with a capacity of 104,000 and it is dwarfed by BMS (above). The Vols' stadium, large as it is, is football-friendly and there are very, very few bad seats in its confines. Likewise, I'm told, BMS in reference to racing: no bad seats.

My thought, though, is that BMS will have plenty of bad seats for this football game. I mean, look at how far away the closest seats are. That green thing in the center of Neyland is the football field where the game will be played. Everything around it is stadium/speedway and the seating will begin outside the racetrack.

Nope, I don't have a ticket. Wouldn't accept one if you gave me 30 percent of the gate. I'll be eager to watch the game, but in front of my 42-inch TV, not at BMS where couldn't see it.

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