Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Think Jocks Get Special Treatment? Check This Out

Alabama football: Prosecution proof. Smoke on, boys.

“I want to emphasize once again that the main reason I’m [dropping charges against two football players] is that I refuse to ruin the lives of two young men who have spent their adolescence and teenage years, working and sweating, while we were all in the air conditioning,”--Ouachita Parish, La., District Attorney Jerry Jones (story here)

OK, there it is in black and white and stupid. A local DA has said what we all know: elite athletes--these University of Alabama football players--don't face the criminal scrutiny the rest of us would because ... well ... they are elite athletes and they work hard. The rest of us aren't and we don't. Case closed.

Two 'Bama players were busted for possession of marijuana and an illegal handgun, which isn't exactly mass murder, but it isn't a parking violation, either. It represents two different crimes that at least need to go to trial. We might discover there that the kids are completely innocent of any wrong-doing, that the grass and the gun were planted by Islamic terrorists who want to do in the 'Bama program.

But probably not.

The DA has done us all a favor and the next time charges are dropped against a high-level athlete, just point to the 'Bama boys.

(Photo: bleacherreport.com)

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