Wednesday, June 8, 2016

The Ratty Cap Duo Tackles the Cove

Sarabeth's ratty new/old hat.
It wasn't five minutes after I picked up my buddy Sarabeth for a kayak paddle today that she decided that "I need a hat. Like yours."

Easily remedied. We went straight to the source--my big hat box--and let her pick out the one she wanted. Turned out to be a khaki canvas Panama Jack hat with a frayed brim, not unlike the frayed-brim Superman hat I was wearing. We were quite the pair in our sartorial splendor.

Sarabeth put it succinctly: "I like things that match." And, well, khaki matches everything.

Sarabeth pauses in the water.
So, were we were ready to paddle and Sarabeth is shoving medicine into the tube on her chest as if she were chewing gum and I'm trying to be nonchalant, unimpressed and I can't help it. "How do you do that," I say. "Nothing to it," she says, that big smile crossing her face.

The water was choppy and the wind high on the Cove and I think it wore Miss Sarabeth out. We paused occasionally for a short rest and on the way home, she slept like a kid, every inch of the way. I couldn't help but smile.

Check the hats: We're twins.
This kid just loves life.
On the way home: A nap.

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