Friday, June 3, 2016

Just Your Basic Day at the Beach

The ladies (Allison, Meghann, Margie) at their leisure.
Margie attacks shell fish.
It's mostly been days of beachy stuff since we got here: sitting in chairs on the beach, walking the surf, occasionally wading out, looking for shells, rubbing in suntan lotion, scratching mosquito bites, watching our skin turn another color, eating, studying the surprisingly modest bathing suits. We even visited a restaurant where Margie's cousin Jason Courtenay was the entertainment.

It's not really my bag, but the ladies seem to truly enjoy it.

They all grew up with a beach somewhere close (Margie in Savannah, Meghann visiting the old home place nwith her mom, Allison in New Orleans) and this is familiar ground to them. I'm more a mountain guy, but there are things here for me, too, I've found. Yesterday I ran into kayaks and bicycles, which are more in line with my interests.

Margie's cousin Jason Courtenay.
I've seen most of the sights on this small island and tonight and Saturday we will venture into Savannah for a little touring there, which will interest me greatly. I enjoy the architecture and the distinctly Southern history of this entire tidal region, which is one of the busiest port cities in the U.S. and one of the best protected from hurricanes. There hasn't been a major hurricane here since the 1840s and this is right smack in the middle of Hurricane Alley.

Here are a few photos from yesterday.

Margie and Allison deep in conversation.

Margie vamps at the pier

Sitting on the beach.

Beach sittin' for the well-prepared.
That's me, loaded up for sitting down (wearing my anti-gun orange hat).
Meghann and Allison went for a walk and left this message.
Reading a book on my iPad while Margie checks her e-mail.
Pause for a beach smooch. "Ewwwww, old people kissing!"
The lovely actress Meghann photographs her signing cousin.
My kind of boat.
Kids learning to surf. It's not exactly Hawaii, but good for them.
Biking on the hard sand as the tide goes out is my kinda activity.
Margie on the rocks, a new drink.