Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Quest for a Cheap Cup of Coffee

This IGA market has a lot more stuff inside than store around it. It is so crowded, it's hard to shop.
IGA coffee (left) $1; Quickie Mart, $2.
I went searching for a cup of coffee this morning on the strip in Tybee and came up with an interesting find--which is pretty logical if you take a minute to think (and I didn't).

First, I stopped at a little Quickee Mart-type gas station and picked up a de-caf for $2, 10 ounces. When I got into the car to leave, it occurred to me that I needed a little regular coffee to balance out the de-caf, so I thought I'd try somewhere.

Up the street is an IGA, probably the most crowded (with inventory) I've ever seen. Yesterday, I did a little grocery shopping there and found myself moving shopping baskets and boxes with every step. But the quality was good and the prices were not the artificially accelerated type you'll find at most beach communities. Last night's dinner (lime chicken, Brussels sprouts stir fry, potato salad (IGA special), fruit salad and arugula salad with lemon vinaigrette was quite good.

The deli as quite good, as well, if you like unhealthy Southern food (I do) like fried pork chops and chicken, a variety of mayo-based salads and fresh cucumber salad, among other things.

This morning, I got a large (32 ounces) coffee there for a buck. I thought, "Well, hell, I'll take a little inconvenience."

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