Sunday, June 19, 2016

Plans A, B and C for a Pop's Day Lunch

Sam Snead's Tavern in Hot Springs: No lunch here.
Late yesterday afternoon, noting, I suppose, that neither of my kids was around to help recognize Father's Day, Margie said, "I'd like to take you to lunch tomorrow. Is that OK with you? Anywhere you want to go. It's for Father's day."

The proof.
It took me one second. "Sam Snead's Tavern in Hot Springs," I said, grinning. "The spinach salad with bacon vinaigrette dressing will make you weep."

We were on.

So, today, we took off at about 10:30 a.m., hoping to make it to Hot Springs, about 100 miles north of here, by noon. We did. Right on time. We discovered, however, that Sam Snead's is no longer open for lunch.

Plan B. Lindsay's Roost, just down the street. Doesn't take credit cards. Plan C. Couldn't find a suitable alternative (because we didn't know about the wonderful outdoor cafe at the Homestead), but a lady in one of the boutiques said there was an ATM at the bank next door. That worked.

We ate at the Roost. Good Philly cheese steak and BBQ sandwiches. Noisy kids sounded like they were playing camp games.

Lindsay's Roost: Oh, honey, sit down.
Next up: see if we could get a piece of legendary key lime pie at the Homestead, across the street. I had told Margie about it. She was pumped. And I thought, "That should be easy."

Nope. Seems French Chef Michel Finel has retired and been replaced by an Italian chef. Italian chefs don't make key lime pie. Plan B. We went down to the outdoor cafe on the lawn and asked the Jamaican waitress if we could get some dessert. Earlier, she had said she didn't think the hotel had key lime pie any longer, but directed us to the main dining room to check. It, of course, was closed, but a menu suggested no pie and a maid told us the story.

Back at the small bistro, we were being seated when I noticed my old friend Nancy Agee at a table with her lovely husband Steve, and Mary Ellen Goodlatte with her Republican husband, Bob. We chatted amiably, studiously avoiding politics, and they suggested the pie at a restaurant called the Country Inn about two miles away. We said that would work.

Except it didn't. I left Hot Springs by the wrong road and we wound up on Virginia 39, heading somewhere unknown, until I saw a sign that said, basically, "Turn here and you can go to Douthat State Park," which Margie had never seen. I used to spend a lot of time there.

Curvy road with high sun creating a strobe light effect until we got to the lake and then it was all gorgeous, and Margie said, "We have to come back here when we can spend some time on the water." I said that'd work. Kayaks came to mind. My grandgirl will be home in 10 days and that sharpens the possibilities.

On the way up to the Homestead, just on the other side of Covington, we had stopped briefly at Falling Springs, a lovely waterfall and took a few photos.The drive was gorgeous, both ways, but the afternoon was facing and so was I, so we drove on home. Another small adventure with surprise after surprise.

Margie and me at the spa pool, where you can bathe in the Homestead's hot spring.
Another selfie, this one of the Homestead's tower.
Margie at Falling Springs.
Pampa and his Father's Day Philly Cheese Steak lunch.

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  1. I was just there last weekend as I have gained a gig at the Homestead teaching Canvas Painting classes!! I ate at Lindsay's Roost for lunch, Sam Snead's for dinner and the Homestead for brunch. I highly recommend them all for delicious meals. I didn't eat Key Lime pie - I will have to look for it!