Saturday, June 18, 2016

Internet News Has More Employees Than Newspapers

Jeezy-Peezy, this is like a death in the family: the Bureau of Labor Statistics, according to The Washington Examiner online news (here), had revealed that "newspaper employment, as of March, 2016, had dropped to 183,200, compared with 197,800 working in internet publishing and broadcasting."

Since 1990, the "dawn of the internet age,"  newspaper employment is down 60 percent. It was at a peak of 457,800 in 1990.

If you're wondering why your local daily (or weekly) didn't cover the event you consider important, the likelihood is that it didn't have the staff to do so. If it did cover that event, take a look at the by-line and see for yourself if it was covered by a staffer or a free "citizen journalist."

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