Saturday, June 18, 2016

Getting Lost in Lynchburg--As Usual

Margie and me on Lynchburg City Market. I'm the one on the left.
You know, I've said for years that driving in Lynchburg--or on the outskirts--is like driving without a map (or GPS) in a European city where I don't know the language, can't read the signs and have no idea what to do next because nothing fits.

Lynchburg's signs are the worst I know of. They get you halfway to where you are going, then abandon you. I know residents who make the same complaint. So today, I took Margie to the Hill City for the first time and ... promptly got lost. For an hour. I couldn't find downtown. I know where downtown is. I was involved with a woman in Lynchburg for two years and know how to get there. I thought. I told Margie today that the city fathers had either moved downtown or moved the access roads. One of those is right.

Took me an hour to find the "Historic Downtown" and by then, one of the reasons we went--to eat breakfast at this wonderful place in the Lynchburg City Market building that is run by two aging black women--had run out of time. Lunch was being served.

We discovered we had gone to the 'Burg on the Saturday when the Batteau Festival wis underway. But we missed it kickoff and, thus, missed it. Initially, the idea was to visit Point of Honor, the famous home that has for so long been an historic focal point for Lynchburg. Margie read on the 'net that POH had a display of medical devices from the 18th and 19th centuries and, since she is a nurse, she was interested. Me, too.

We took the tour, didn't see any medical devices and asked the tour guide what had happened. Seems she forgot to show us that room ... and it was only one room. Or part of one room. Talk about overselling a display. Anyhow, it was a pleasant enough tour.

Perhaps the highlight of this mini-road trip was the City Market, which--in my opinion--is better than Roanoke's in some areas. Its vegetable vendors are almost all organic and local. Its inside restaurants are excellent. It rests inside an active and interesting downtown with great shops and sits two or three blocks from the James River and the Blackwater Trail (biking, walking). I bought a few veggies and we ate lunch. It was quite nice.

Oh, and did I mention that I lost my camera. Thought I'd left it at either Point of Honor or City Market. When we got back home--and I'd given up on finding it--we were unloading the car and there it was. I think somebody in Lynchburg threw it in the floor, after painting some misdirection signs. "You know," I said to Margie at one point, "I think Lynchburg wants us to go home. The signs I keep seeing say 'Roanoke.'"

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