Sunday, June 12, 2016

Escaping the Summer-Like Heat

Cathy wades out toward the falls at the Cascades.
Cathy slips on her hiking shoes.
With temperatures hovering in the high 90s in the Roanoke Valley, I thought it might be good to plan an escape. My pal Cathy Dick and I drove down to Pembroke in order to hike--on a shaded trail by a creek--to Cascade Falls. It was a good decision.

The trail was cool and the breeze constant. It was a distinct relief. Until we had to return at about 4 p.m.

Here is a little of what it looked like.

The parking lot was full to overflowing at the Cascades.
This is me testing the water.
Falling water like this feeds the stream.
Double selfie at the falls.
Cathy shoots the falls.
This is what people come to see and experience.
Hike nearly finished, Cathy pauses on a bridge.

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