Sunday, June 12, 2016

Don't Blame Shootings on ISIS; It's the NRA

This is a hunting rifle. It is made for hunting--and killing--a lot of people in seconds.
People on the political right, desperately searching for a way to pin the latest gun atrocity on the Obama administration and on anti-gun activists, are screaming bloody murder about the shooter's ISIS ties without having any proof whatsoever that he had them. He said he did. But this mad man just murdered 50 people. Do we want to trust his word before the FBI has even finished investigating. Do we want to trust ISIS which says he was one of them?

His father said he was a homophobe who was pissed because he saw two men kissing last week in Miami and thought maybe murdering a few gay people would make things even. Crazy? That would be my take.

These alleged ISIS ties have been cropping up with shootings for some time now and none has stuck. And, of course, ISIS is eager to claim allegiance to anybody who causes chaos in America. It suits the terrorist purpose and ISIS didn't have to do a damn thing in order to hit that goal.

Americans right now are terrified and they believe the culprit is ISIS. It is not. It is us. We are terrified because we are terrified. Fear engenders fear, to paraphrase FDR.

We are far, far more  in danger of being hurt or killed because Americans take advantage of America's gun laws--heavily influenced by the NRA, which represents gun manufacturers' profits--than because some radical Islamist has taken advantage of those very laws.

We have 300 million guns in the U.S., one for each of us. There are a few radical Islamists around and my guess is that most of them are not armed.

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