Saturday, June 11, 2016

A Summer's Day at the Cascades

This young dude climbed up on Cascade Falls to take a shower. He was rewarded.
Sun worshiper.
At about 6 this evening, Margie and I got in Daisy (my VW bug) to go to dinner and I noticed the outside temperature was 96. It was hot and I had spent the middle of the day hiking in it. Without any damage. In fact, with considerable satisfaction.

My pal Cathy Dick and I drove down to Pembroke to climb the marvelous trail to the Cascades Falls, one of the prettiest, best-engineered (by people) trails in the Virginia system. The parking lot was so full that people were parking on the side of the road a quarter mile away. The trails, however, were surprisingly uncomplicated, friendly, convivial and lovely.

Shoes on, still wading.
Cathy and I photograph, so that means a leisurely pace on the trail and we took two hours each way, give or take a few minutes, pausing to savor every rhododendron leaf, every rock, every patch of moss, every spring flower, every tiny waterfall.

At the falls, we stripped our socks and shoes and plowed into the icy water, delighted in the cooling effect on our whole bodies. It was a truly full and satisfying day. Here is some of what we saw.
Navigating a log to get to the waterfall.
Big backpack, barefoot hiker.

Walking on water.
Bathing beauties come in all ages.
Ce-le-brate good times, come on ...
A relaxing day in the summer sun.
Friends enjoying the shower.
Discussing the next step.
Gathering of the posse.
Sunning, wading, showering at Cascades.
Cascading, hence the name.
Fishing the stream.
Through the downed trees and toward the falls.
Pretty girls getting some sun.
The Cascades, Pembroke, Virginia.

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