Monday, June 27, 2016

A Look Behind the GOP Dirt Curtain

Here is a fascinating--if disturbing--look inside presidential politics that tells you a lot (that you probably already know, or certainly suspect) about fair play. It is from an internal GOP memo (story here):

"The goals, the memo says, are to 'drive wedges between these top contenders [for vice president] and either Clinton and/or traditional Democrat constituencies, such as labor, environmentalists, and gun control advocates, and other traditional left-wing constituencies;' and '[w]here applicable, frame the choice as an insult to the large, deep base of Bernie Sanders supporters who are struggling with the notion of supporting Hillary Clinton as the presumptive Democrat nominee.'"

As we know, Sanders supporters (and I am one) tend to be touchy, arrogant and filled with righteous indignation. They will be easy to offend, if not to convert. My guess is that the RNC's best case scenario in this instance will be to keep the Sanders supporters at home (along with people of color, young people, minorities, legal immigrants, ex-prisoners and anybody else they believe might vote for Dems). 

Virginia Senator and former Governor Tim Kaine will be painted as a "career politician whose positions on trade and  abortion makes him unpalatable for supporters of Sanders. (Without irony, the RNC’s memo also says they will portray a Clinton/Kaine ticket as too liberal for the electorate because of Kaine’s support for Obamacare and his time as a lawyer for the ACLU)."

"Career politicians" are often identified when the opposition has nothing of substance against an opponent. Sen. Elizabeth Warren, another VP candidate who is serving the first term of her first elective office, is often called a "career politician" by the GOP. She is a former educator of considerable reputation nationally. 


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