Tuesday, May 10, 2016

When Trump Finally Throws a Punch, Then What?

"No, the threat is not that he will necessarily win, but that he will further poison our national dialogue in the six months between now and Election Day, and the off chance that maybe, just maybe, a September surprise could turn his sliver of a chance into an actual victory." -- Charles Blow (NYTimes, here)

My chief concern these days is not that Donald Trump will be president. He won't. It's not that the GOP will re-take Congress. I suspect it will retain the House and lose the Senate. It's not that a Trump presidency will give us a wackjob Supreme Court Justice. Can't appoint unless you're in the Oval Office.

No, the primary concern these days is that as divided as we are as a country these days, it will get worse with a nasty, protracted presidential campaign that has no rules of civility, truth, relevance or humanity. The more Trump trails in the polls from here to November, the nastier and more outrageous he will become, alienating two thirds of the population and cheering the other third.

He is the loudmouth in the bar who is bound and determined to start a fistfight and the Democrats--and the rest of us, as well--would do well to try to ignore him for as long as we can. But Trump will wind up throwing a punch at some point that we will not be able to ignore, then what?

I shutter to find out.

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