Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Sarabeth Conquers the Cove

Sarabeth with a smile as big as the cove took to the water like a Canada goose.
Sarabeth greets the day.
My young pal Sarabeth Hammond and I took a paddle at Carvins Cove this afternoon, her first, and I'm telling you the kid was born to the water. It was minutes before she was paddling circles around the old man and talking about how all this exercise and fresh air was just the cure of all she's had to bear--with Lyme disease--for the last number months.

Sarabeth is one of the bravest and most likeable--and most admirable--people I know and the water was the perfect place for her today. It was lovely just watching her shine. Here is some of what it looked like.
My favorite teenager against a perfect sky and our grand mountains.
Sarabeth takes her first few strokes with authority.
My buddy and me, doing what we do.
The great white hunter on her island.
Sarabeth photographs the shallows.
Sarabeth negotiates the flooded trees.
A fine day to celebrate.

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