Monday, May 2, 2016

Reporting Barking Dogs, Hoping for Action

This is the April "dog log." It is a conservative report.
I live in a neighborhood in North Roanoke with a lot of people who own dogs. Most of those dogs bark at one time or another, which I can accept. Several of the dogs bark nearly all the time, which I can't.

I have complained to the owners, reported the barking to the police and the dog warden and have had little success in getting the barking stopped. Owners know that if the complainer is alone and has not ignited the neighborhood to stand on their lawns with pitch forks and tiki torches, there is little the Roanoke constabulary will do to quiet the animals. A police officer, in fact, once said bluntly, "There's almost nothing we can do."

Unless, of course, I go the whole way and make a complaint, back it with documentation, go to court, create a war zone in my neighborhood. This is a neighborhood not known for its great camaraderie and I can only imagine what the court date will do.

Officers tell me that I need to create a log--noting when the barking occurs--and then complain. It would be good, say the officers, if I also have audio and video of the dogs barking. That's a little more difficult to do without trespassing. Hence, the log, which I began April 6 and will turn in today, if the dog warden shows up.

You can see that there are a lot of incidents of barking during the time I was at home (generally working at my computer, writing, which takes a measure of concentration). It is difficult to write when dogs are barking, and these dogs are especially noisy: a big shepherd with a deep bark and three tiny dogs whose bark is more a scream.

In any case, the case of the barking/screaming dogs is about to be filed. Wish me luck.

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