Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Making the Best of a Dreary Day

Sarabeth looks like a pro, shooting on the Martin Luther King Bridge downtown in Roanoke.
A little Indian dinner
My favorite teenager (and surrogate grandgirl) Sarabeth Rose and I took advantage of some truly crappy weather in Roanoke this evening to provide our own sunshine.

We teamed up on downtown Roanoke with our cameras and finished off a great time with dinner at Nawab, the Indian restaurant on City Market.

We made stops on top of Center in the Square, the Martin Luther King Bridge and several alleys (city alleys often render remarkable shots) before calling it an evening.

I think we did OK. Here is some evidence of that suspicion.

Sarabeth likes candy. A lot.
These koi are on the roof of Center in the Square.
There is also a garden on the roof of Center.
Sarabeth Rose Hammond, photographer.
Buddies hanging out.

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