Sunday, May 8, 2016

Lusting After the Wild Bees on Tinker

This old boy was flitting from flower to flower making sure
we'll have blackberries in the fall.
This fellow added to the color.
The blackberry vines are in full flower as we climb our mountains this week and the bees are hard at making sure the berry crop is a healthy one.

There were a lot of bees among the flowering blackberries a little while ago, so many, in fact, that I truly wanted to invite a few dozen home with me to take care of my crops. They are rare in the city and plentiful in the woods, from what I've seen, especially today.

The hike was a brisk one: light breeze, partly cloudy, about 75 degrees. Perfect by some standards.

That's me taking a water break.
The bees have been all over this flower, bruising it.

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