Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Kochs: Patriots by Today's Standards

The delicate Koch brothers are sensitive to their legacy.
"[T]he views of both grassroots Tea Party activists and of many other Republican-leaning voters who have sympathized with this label do not align with free-market dogmas. Research by political scientist Christopher Parker at the University of Washington reinforces our conclusion that ordinary Tea Party activists and sympathizers are worried about socio-cultural changes in the United States, angry and fearful about immigration, freaked out by the presence in the White House of a black liberal with a Muslim middle name, and fiercely opposed to what they view as out of control “welfare spending” on the poor, minorities, and young people. Many Tea Partiers benefit from Social Security, Medicare, and military veterans’ programs, and do not want them to be cut or privatized. About half of Tea Party activists or sympathizers are also Christian conservatives intensely concerned with banning abortion and repealing gay marriage."

That's the inimitable Heather Digby Parton writing in Salon (here) about the infamous Koch brothers' decision to pull their many millions of dollars out of presidential politics at least for this cycle. They are getting an expensive education in the true beliefs of those they believe to be Tea Party members and Libertarians. And it's not them.

These guys are Birchers with much less concern about what bathroom you use than about how much more money they can siphon off the American dream.

They will continue to contribute to state and local elections and likely even certain congressional elections (think Morgan Griffith and Bob Goodlatte from our area, two toadies for the Kochs), but the presidential race--which has deeply offended them--is the high-profile race that would/could give them legitimacy or simply crush any notion of a positive legacy for the aging billionaires.

Shows me that as we age money becomes less important than being loved. Even for the Kochs, who are hardly loved by anybody.

( Photo montage by Salon)

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