Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Joy Sutton Leaving for Nashville

My old pal Joy Sutton is taking her big TV talent to Nashville, where she will work as public relations manager for American Addiction Centers as a day job.

Joy has had a TV talk show here for about five years ("The Hour of Joy," which became "The Joy Sutton Show") where she could show off her enthusiastic, intelligent, cherubic, Oprah-like personae on a regular basis.

Her last day here is June 2.

Joy was is in the marketing department at LewisGale Medical Center in Salem and before that she was the medical reporter and anchor 11 years for WDBJ7 television, where she gained a good bit of her TV production experience. The most recent iteration of her talk show was on WDBJ7.

In Nashville, "I will be working with a studio to launch my show again in 2017," she says. She says she is not certain if her new show will air in the Roanoke Valley or in Western Virginia. "That is a possibility, as well as the show airing on a national level or live-streaming for people to watch from anywhere. I'm finalizing all the details."

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