Monday, May 23, 2016

How the GOP Won Back Periello's Seat

Tom Perriello on victory night
“I think [Republican leadership] made a correct Machiavellian decision that there was this extremely talented group of new people who had come in, many of them not from traditional political backgrounds. And if they had time to really get to know the voters as human beings, that that would really lock in the benefits of incumbency. They really went for the jugular early on that.” -- Tom  Perriello, former 5th District Congressman (Danville to Charlottesville), who beat long-time incumbent Virgil Goode on the night when Obama became president.

The district is "the size of New Jersey," says Perriello, and in 2008, the Republicans were infuriated to lose it, especially to a liberal. They set about--with attack ads--immediately to defeat Perriello in his second try ... and they accomplished that fete with an empty-suit Charlottesville attorney. Perriello was one of the best U.S. Congressmen ever to represent Virginia and he and one of the other excellent ones, Rick Boucher of the 9th District, lost in the same election two years later. Boucher lost to the godawful Morgan Griffith, a Koch brothers toadie. 

This story by Sam Stein in the HuffingtonPost (audio and print) tells us how obsessed the Republicans are with holding on to what they have.


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