Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Health Care: An Interesting Twist

Sarabeth looking professional in her interview with Sheila Lambert.
On the way, we stopped for a selfie.
My pal Sarabeth Hammond, about whom you already know a bunch if you've been keeping up, went over to Carilion 's Children's Hospital today for an important interview.

This time, it was not about Sarabeth's health; it was about how she could help others. As many of you know, she has had an epic struggle the past few years with Lyme disease (and all its affiliated conditions).

Sarabeth's magnificent spirit remains intact and Carilion CEO Nancy Agee wanted to see if some of what Sarabeth knows might be transferred to staff. So, she arranged with my faux grandgirl to meet with Children's Hospital guru Sheila Lambert, a delightful woman who sat with Sarabeth looking for answers.

Sarabeth and her other buddy, the robot.
The conversation will continue, Sheila promises, and they will try to figure out how to use all this experience, knowledge and outlook to benefit Carilion patients in the future. Sarabelle (which is my preferred pronunciation, more Southern) looked like a seasoned professional sitting at the table with Sheila, exchanging business cards. It was a moment I'll remember with a smile.

This is a wonderful example of my old friend Nancy's management style at its best: ask questions of people who know the answers--and not necessarily people in authority or people with a string of impressive degrees. It is one of the reasons I consider Nancy the best executive in this region.

(Incidentally, it is never all business with Miss Sarabelle. On the way out--following a pretty demanding interview for a 16-year-old--she managed to find a robot on the children's ward. A serious woman and a playful little girl. Great combo.)

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