Saturday, May 21, 2016

GOP: Creative in Its Incompetence

Republican-run states are failing at an alarming rate. They are running up huge debts that they can't pay and so they are resorting to cutting social services, education, highway maintenance and just about anything else that they consider "optional."

Because of the magnitude of their failures in states like North Carolina, Kansas, Missouri, Louisiana, Texas and the like, they are resorting to base-appealing legislation on the social end like bathroom bills and prosecuting physicians who perform abortions--patently unconstitutional legislation--to distract voters from  their incompetence.

Much of this legislation is offending businesses, which are leaving (see North Carolina) and hitting their economies with a wallop, on top of the damage they've done in their General Assemblies. These people simply can't govern and so they change the subject.

I'll be curious to see what's next. They are, if nothing else, creative in their incompetence.

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