Monday, May 30, 2016

Finally: A Day at the Beach

Margie and me looking tanner than we are (thank you, PhotoShop).
Heading for the beach.
We pulled into Savannah and Tybee Island about 1:30 today, delayed again and again by missed turns, detours, trips to the bathroom (at our ages, that's figured into travel time) and little stops and sidetracks that all added up.

In all, it was about 10 hours for a seven hour drive. But hey, we had each other.

We were on the beach about 10 minutes after loading our luggage into the condo and Tybee struck me for its beauty instantly, so I pulled out the Leica and started shooting.

We're down here with Margie's bright, lovely actor daughter Meghann Garmony and ballerina Allison Beiler, who simply lights up a room with the biggest, brightest smile I know. It is kind of an extended family thing (with a bunch more people who I am finding to be warm and inviting).

Here is some of our day.

Wood in the dunes is always there for the photo.
The fences are a photographic cliche for a good reason.
My daughter once said, "When your dad's girlfriend looks better in a bathing suit than you do, it sucks."
Margie's clan with the sky, sand and surf.
Margie's daughter, Meghann (right) and dear Allison.
Laying it in the Social Club.
Bathing my feet in the surf.

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