Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Ferdinand: The Tough Little Fig Plant

Those little knob-like dealies in the photo are figs, the first of the spring season on my bush in the back yard, the one with the story.

Last spring, I thought this bush had died, a victim of several severely cold winter days. It was getting late in the spring (late for me, anyway: April) and there was no new growth on the bush, so I cut it down and bought another, which promptly died. As the newbie died, the tough old boy bounced back from the dead, grew quickly and before the summer was over, produced a nice crop of figs.

I was amazed pretty dang impressed at this old boy's persistence, toughness and will to live, so I gave him a name: Ferdinand, like the bull who was tough as old walrus hide. So Ferdie is back again this year with a fresh crop of figs, which looks like it's going to rival the crop of two years ago when my friend Leah Weiss kept driving over on weekends from Lynchburg to clean out the cupbard. Leah likes figs.

And apparently, figs like my back yard. At least Ferdie does.

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