Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Dump the DNC Head or Lose the Election

Wasserman Schultz: Dem nut jobbie?
Debbie Wasserman Schultz' name is known to political junkies and voters in a small district of Florida which elected her to the House of Representatives. Fact is, though, that she may hold the keys to the White House in her dirty-dealing little hands. (Story in The Hill here.)

Wasserman Schultz is a Clintonista, who was appointed head of the Democratic National Committee by Barack Obama (Schultz endorsed Hillary Clinton in her primary contest against Obama) and she has shown just how one-sided and out of balance that committee can be during this primary. She is an avid opponent of Bernie Sanders and has consistently worked to put his campaign at a disadvantage. (Meanwhile, he has endorsed her primary opponent in Florida.)

Sanders supporters know who she is and they can't say her name without spitting. The demand at this point is to replace her as chairwoman of the DNC, but Democratic members of congress, inexplicably saying she has done a good job pulling Democrats together, seem to favor keeping her in her position. That is the very definition of "tone deaf," and it would almost certainly mean the loss of the Sanders supporters who are open to supporting Clinton should she win the nomination.

This likely will be a close election and the Democratic Party simply cannot take a chance on losing any block of voters at all. The GOP does not have nearly the number of backers during this cycle that the Dems would theoretically have, but the Republican backers will vote. The Dems might not. Wasserman Schultz' future might determine a lot of those votes not being cast (Sanders supporters will not vote for Trump. That's pretty much a given.)

I support Sanders (we're peas in a pod philosophically), but if he loses, I will back Clinton because the thought of a Trump presidency is beyond my comprehension. I will also back Clinton because the stronger her support, the more likely it is that Dems can win the House and Senate. With the Supreme Court appointment to come, that would give them two years of total control of the government, enough time to begin to set a few wildly out of whack policies back on the path of the public good.

The Dems almost certainly will lose the House in 2018, regardless of who is elected, so two years is what they get with all that success. Which is not even a 50-50 possibility right now.

Before any of that can happen, though, the Sanders supporters must be courted and convinced that the Democratic Party has something for them, despite evidence to the contrary. That would begin well if Wasserman Schultz were to be led away from the DNC chair ... preferably in handcuffs.


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