Monday, May 23, 2016

Clinton, Trump in Dead Heat in Virginia

A Roanoke College poll, which has generally been fairly reliable over the years, finds presidential hopefuls Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump to be running neck and neck at this point in the race. The poll assumes Clinton and Trump, who have not been nominated, nor even secured the nominations, to be the selections of their parties.

Each has the support  of 38 percent of the Commonwealth's electorate with 22 percent each undecided or voting for somebody else. Two percent said they would not vote if Clinton and Trump were the only selections.

Republicans in Virginia, according to the poll, are more engaged in the campaign--73 percent interested, while only 62 percent of the Dems are--but 87 percent from each party cares a lot about who wins.

Clinton's approval is slightly more favorable (30 percent to 23) and a bit less unfavorable (50-56) than Trump, but that last number is historically high. Just 17 percent of the voters of both parties said they would be proud of a winner who was either Clinton or Trump. Trump's "disgusting" level exceeded Clinton's by a pretty good bit. 

Two thirds of Virginians think the country is on the wrong track, but half approve of Obama's work. 

Meanwhile, Gov. Terry McAuliffe (a Clintonista) has seen his approval rating advance from 38 percent to 51 percent recently.

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