Friday, May 20, 2016

Battle of Bristol (UT vs. Tech) Sold Out

Battle of Bristol: Note how far away the fans are from the field. Good seats? Where?
The "Battle of Bristol," featuring football teams from the University of Tennessee and Virginia Tech  September 10 has sold out its 150,000 tickets, which--if everybody shows up--would make it the most-attended football game in history. This, according to the Knoxville News-Sentinel (here).

The game will be played at the converted half-mile race track, Bristol Motor Speedway. You can likely still get tickets, but you'll pay a premium for them. Initial face value of most tickets was $40 (endzone) to $140 (sideline) per ticket.

According to the story, secondary market tickets are going for $170 and up (frankly, I've seen regular-season UT-Alabama tickets go for more than that) and some good seats are up to $400-$950 (seem UT-Bama tickets in that range, too). Stubhub has tickets listed from $191 to $719 (Earnhart Terrace, row 2; pretty good seats if any are good for this far-away game). I note that there are tickets available for the Florida game in Knoxville this year for $6,786 each. Decent tickets.

Bristol Motor Speedway is not going to be a very good venue for watching football, but I don't think having a ticket has much to do with watching the game, nearly so much as it is about being there.

Tech, which has been a shadow of its maximum self for the past few years, has a new coach (Justin Fuente from Memphis University, a guy my former sister-in-law hired) and some pretty dang good players. It will be solid, if not formidable. Tennessee, on the other hand, could well be a Top 5 team in the country and is in a set with 'Bama and LSU as favorites to win the vaunted SEC title. Tech will be a good early test for the Vols and the game should be entertaining, since Fuente is an offensive guru and Tennessee's offense might be as good as anybody's in the country.

It'll be fun. But I'm watching on TV so I can see the game. Screw being there. That's just a hassle.

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