Sunday, May 15, 2016

A Walk in the Woods with the Grandboy

Cathy shows Avery that Grandma knows how to traverse a log.
Avery as Tarzan.
My friend Cathy Dick and her grandboy, Avery, made one of those small memories today that last far longer than a video game. I tagged along as they climbed over the hump of Tinker Mountain from the Hollins entrance to the parking lot at Carvins Cove, outside Roanoke.

It's a hike of about an hour and a half (when you figure in all the little boy stuff) and Avery stayed occupied the entire time with small adventures, including the scraped knee he will be showing his grandpa and all his buds tomorrow. He swung on a vine, climbed a fallen tree trunk, climbed a bent tree, jumped a creek, tripped on a rock, dug some sassafras (which will be root beer this evening, Cathy promised) and sat down occasionally because he simply couldn't slow down. "Avery, you'll burn yourself out," I said several times, generally just before he sat down breathing hard.

Here's a little of what Avery's day with his grandmother looked like.
Avery and Cathy chat along the way.
Avery walked the log the first time.
Avery and Cathy jump a dried creek bed.
Pausing for a portrait moment.
Avery picks sassafras and Cathy records it.
Capping a fine afternoon.

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