Friday, May 6, 2016

A Shot at No. 1? Maybe Some Day

Anne Holton chats at this morning's gathering
I finally met Anne Holton this morning after years of wanting to. Anne is the Virginia Secretary of Education, former Gov. Linwood Holton's daughter and Sen. Tim Kaine's wife. Oh, and Woody's sister.

I've known most of the Holtons to various degrees over the years, but Anne is the one who always escaped, the one who was always the most intriguing. She's also the one I'd love to see sitting in the governor's chair at some point in the near future, but I don't know if that is even something she's interested in.

Anne and I chatted a bit about her husband's name being bandied around as a vice presidential possibility on a Clinton ticket and she basically said she and her husband don't give that a lot of thought. She has been through it before when her dad was mentioned as a potential VP for Richard Nixon when Spiro Agnew was kicked out of office.

She did mention, with an impish grin, that her father discovered--fairly recently--just what Nixon thought of him, following an interview they had (with H.R. Haldeman and John Erilichman--Nixon's henchmen--in attendance). She says that the conversation was polite and sincere until Linwood left and the door closed behind him.

Then the taping system took over the conversation and the top dogs of the administration derided Linwood as being far too liberal (he had walked to school with his daughter Tayloe on the first day of her enrollment into an all-black school in Richmond, when Linwood was governor) and his policies bordered on ... well, not so conservative. And remember, these boys would likely be looked at as liberals by today's GOP.

Interesting time and Anne gets to go through something of a similar circumstance again, though the party and the philosophy are all different. It's still a shot at second place--and maybe even a look at No. 1 some day.

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