Monday, April 11, 2016

When You Post Your Hate, Be Sure What You're Doing

 I don't like it when people post stuff on my timeline without my permission, but every once in a while, I get sucked in and make a stupid mistake with the posts. The link at the right is one of those examples.

I re-posted it and made a snide comment about Tim Hart--which I meant and continue to mean--but I also took Cundiff Heating and Air Conditioning to task because Hart is the sales manager and seemed to be speaking for the company. He was not and has since been taken to the woodshed for his post.

A guy whose name I will not mention apparently spread this post widely and is now the object of potential action by Cundiff. A friend of mine, who works at Cundiff, send me the following explanation in a private Facebook Message. I trust this friend, whom I have known for about 35 years. The friend is not homophobic, and is kind, considerate and a fine person. Here is the note (with some of it eliminated to protect anonymity):

Dan, I had hoped that you would not take the bait on this post. Tim Hart does work for the same company for whom I work (Cundiff) and is guilty of posting his opinion on a public forum, although he says he did not realize he was doing so because he thought he was responding to the comment of a friend. 

However, there is no consensus at Cundiff Heating and Air that agrees with the opinions he expressed. Tim's page was a personal page and his opinion, no matter how vile, was a personal opinion. I do not know why (the person who has launched the smear campaign against us) has taken this opportunity to try to ruin the lives of all Cundiff employees, who do not share the opinions of Tim Hart in this matter. 

To my knowledge, none of the management or staff [was] previously aware of Mr. Hart's stance on the gay community. He does not share these matters in the workplace. We Cundiff employees deeply regret any hurt caused by Mr. Hart, and we apologize to our customers, community and lesbian and gay friends for whom we all have the deepest respect. It is my understanding that Mr. Hart has been admonished and sincerely regrets his remarks. 

... We at Cundiff are not bigots by association. [The person who re-posted the screed] has determined that nearly 100 people who have not made any unkind statements must suffer ... Every family has loved ones who are hurt by hate, bigotry and discrimination. We at Cundiff do not support the hurt of others on any level. Mr. Cundiff is heartbroken about all of this; not because of bad publicity, but because of the pain it has caused others.

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