Monday, April 4, 2016

Trish! Meets South Roanoke

Catherine Stromberg's house was filling up as I left.
The wine of your choice.
My pal Trish White-Boyd, who is running for Roanoke City Council (and is one of my three favorites for seats) met South Roanoke this evening.

Catherine Stromberg and Mary Croft, a couple of politically active women (especially in the anti-gun movement) held a reception for Trish and the party was heating up as I left (had to cook din-din for Margie).

Catherine is a bold young woman who caught attention--and admiration--when the General Assembly was in session and she was being hauled off in handcuffs for protesting over a gun bill. I adore people with the courage of their convictions and it's rare to see that among one so young as she.

The conversations crackled with politics and warmth and you could tell pretty clearly that this was a strongly Democratic (Hillary Clinton) crowd.

Trish has been making a strong impression on voters all over the city with her message of inclusion and representing all the people in the Valley.
Trish (center) with Catherine Stromberg and Mary Croft.
Trish and Mary chat as the crowd builds.

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