Friday, April 15, 2016

Tax Deadline Approaches and Margie Works Furiously

Margie in full paper attack mode as the deadline nears.
I heard today that the average American family spends 17 hours a year preparing its taxes. I don't quite know how that's broken down, but I can tell you that my Margie spends every bit of that and sweats bullets every minute.

Today is April 15 and she's not done yet.

You'd think Margie was a corporation, the way she is covered in paper this time of the year and the way she says, "Shit!" occasionally, when she is not screaming something worse. When she is off work in the spring, she is working on taxes. You'd think she was rich. She ain't.

My taxes have always been a breeze, mostly because I've never had any money to speak of and even now, as a private business (I used to co-own one, but now I do it myself), it doesn't take much time. I save receipts and keep records of what I do each working day, but that doesn't take much time and in February, I gather up my stuff, take it over to Joe Schaben (Boitnott & Schaben) and he jumps right on it.

For me, it's easy. For Margie, it's mental hospital time. I prefer my way.

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