Monday, April 11, 2016

Spring Break: A Reward for Being Busy

The early spring green is delicate and spreading through the deep woods.
Interepid traveler pauses to look at the view.
About 4 this afternoon, the temperature in the deep woods was 72 degrees and a light breeze ruffled the delicate greenery of the trees.

The smell and the feel of spring was in the air and as you probably know, that has a lot to do with a sunny outlook.

I worked my butt off this morning on both home and office projects and felt like I earned a hike break in the late afternoon, so off I went. No bosses to ask, no apologies to make, just out to Daisy, turn her ignition key and point her toward the woods. Fifteen minutes later, I'm hiking (and I ran into one of my old buddies and a promise to get together later for a shared hike in a favorite spot).

Good things happen to those who just do it.

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