Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Shoot the Frogs! Forget the Boat!

The lovers are doing the modified toadie shag.
What the hell do you want, dude?
I'm afraid I took my own advice here. The chirping, mating, busy frogs in the marshes at Carvins Cove (Roanoke) a while ago were so distracting that I forgot my boat. Didn't realize it until I'd pulled into my driveway and there was nothing but a paddle in the back of my truck.

The good news is that the boat was in the shallows at the boat launch where I left it. The other good news is that the frogs were still in flagrante delicto when I showed to retreive the forgotten boat and I got the two photos you see here. They were better than the earlier ones I took.

Today, like Sunday, was breezy on the cove, but unlike the weekend, when I had my new boat, I didn't have any trouble navigating. I think the new boat is too wide and too short to handle brisk water. The water today was choppy enough to be thoroughly interesting. So were the frogs.

I did a little experiment with my Sony Cybershot photo timer while I was on the water and it surprised me how stable I could make the camera (holding it between my knees and between my feet) while paddling.  Here are some of the photos. The old man is me. The frogs are the brown guys.
This is my view from the kayak.
Photo 101: Don't shoot anybody over 40 from below the chin. Camera held with feet.
This is the standard selfie, sideways.

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