Monday, April 18, 2016

Sarabeth Rose: Young Woman, Old Soul

Sarabeth Rose in black and white.
Finally got to meet my new buddy Sarabeth Rose (Hammond) this morning at Mill Mountain Coffee downtown in Roanoke and she is simply a delight. Sarabeth has been one of my heroes since I learned her story and began talking with her (and her mom and her grandmother, whom I adore) on the Internet.
Sarabeth and her editor friend with his hat on backwards.

She was born 16 years ago with Lyme's disease, a sometimes debilitating and progressive condition. On occasion Sarabeth has been nearly knocked silly by this evil, but she generally is in command. Her natural good cheer, her positive outlook, her incredible courage, her intelligence and her center--which is solid--have worked to put Lyme's in its place.

Sarabeth is a fine blogger and appears occasionally on YouTube with her updates (watch this one). She is an artist, dancer, actress, student and just about anything else she wants to be.

We decided this morning that I would teach her what I know about photography and I invited Miss Sarabelle to be part of a panel on blogging on the next Roanoke Regional Writers Conference (Jan. 28, 2017). She seemed excited at the prospect.

We all have a lot to learn from this young person/old soul.

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