Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Re-Endorsing Michelle Dykstra for Council

Michelle Dykstra: She gets my vote.
My original impulse was the right one. Michelle Dykstra is a fine pick for Roanoke City Council and I want to restore my endorsement of her, one withdrawn in the heat of the moment.

Michelle and I sat down a little while ago and talked about why she had opposed Sanctuary City status for Roanoke and, frankly, it was a practical matter of supporting Roanoke City Police, in her mind. She said she was concerned about putting the police in the way of enforcing federal law. I can understand that argument from a theoretical standpoint, but practically it doesn't fly.

I believe that if local police follow a federal arrest order for an immigrant who has done nothing wrong and can be held indefinitely in what is essentially a concentration camp, then we have done something very wrong and unconstitutional.

However, Michelle is brand new to politics and doesn't understand that the Sanctuary City movement (with 300 cities included) is a rebellion against Republicans wanting to throw immigrants out of the country for no reason other than that GOP officials are xenophobic and racist. The Republican Party is branding all immigrants as criminals and sucking a lot of us along with them. They must be resisted.

In the hour we met, I listened to Michelle and she to me and I think we understand each other now. I had already developed a strong respect for her based on what I knew from other people, but now I know it myself and will ask that you vote for her in the May election. She will make a sterling city council member and she is running against a bunch of people (John Garland and Trish White-Boyd excepted) who either have not made a difference  or would not.


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  2. Mr. Lee, I read your comment before you deleted it and I will simply say that I appreciate your point of view and the grace you show in signing your name. I endorse because I have been asked to do that. I've been a professional journalist for more than 50 years and over that time, I have developed some opinions that some feel worthy. I am not asking anybody to follow my advice on any of this and if you choose not to vote for somebody, I hope you will do it for your reasons and not mine. I am intensely offended modern Republican Party and I will continue to be as long as it stands for a complete lack of American values that I grew up with--beginning with the respect for people who don't look like them. Again, I invite your comment and you can be as hateful, nasty and strong in your beliefs as you choose and I will continue to respect them, so long as you have the courage to sign your name.