Thursday, April 14, 2016

Opening Day: Baseball, Kids, Clackers and Warm Sun

The clackers have come out in Salem.
My buddy Diana Christapulos.
Baseball's opening day for me doesn't usually come at 11 o'clock in the morning, but it did yesterday. The Salem Red Sox have been playing for a while, but as is always the case, they spend the first week to 10 days on the road until the temperature moderates here.

Yesterday, it moderated to about 50 degrees in a bright sunshine at game time and the Sox said, "Play Ball" before an enthusiastic gathering of school kids, who were given those damn clacking tubes as they entered the field.

Your classic baseball shot.
I didn't stay long enough to get a feel for the game, but my friend Diana Christapulos, who knows these things, told me this was going to be a very good Salem team and that three of its players have strong major league potential. When I left, this major league bunch was trailing 3-0.

Anyhow, the season's on and, for me, whether or not the team is any good is completely irrelevant. This is a social event, one where you can chat with your friends without the game interfering too much (though the powers that be could turn down the music quite a bit). And they could moderate the food and drink prices (I find it interesting that water and beer both cost $4).

Water and canned beer each costs $4. These are club prices. Other vendors are more expensive.
That's my pal Mike Ashley keeping up via cell.
This old boy was pushing the season a smidge.
Kids bring the ball park to life.

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