Sunday, April 24, 2016

New Hike: Good Pix, One Mishap, Good Time

Cathy and I stopped at a bench along the pathway up the mountain.
Cathy shoots boaters.
As long as I have lived and hiked in this region, I had never--until today--climbed up the front side of the ridge to the right of the parking lot at Carvins Cove.

Today, my pal Cathy Dick showed me what I've been missing. And I have been missing a lot. This is a lovely trail with consistent elevation, leading to a ridge overlooking the compound. I'm familiar with the ridge because I hike up to it from the Hollins Greenway side.

Next time, I will park one car in the Carvins Cove lot and the other in the Hollins lot and walk the entire distance without having to circle back, limited by a single car.

This hike presented a lot of opportunities--even in the middle of the day--for good photographs and it presented yet another opportunity for me: one to watch my feet slide out from under me, my butt hit the ground and my new Leica go tumbling 50 yards down the mountainside. The Leica emerged unscathed, except for a missing lens cap (retail $45), but I came up with a dirty backside and a sprained finger that hurts like hell as I type this.

Cathy's favorite photo spot.
While I was lying there nursing my ego, Cathy--bless her--scrambled down the side of the mountain, retrieved the camera and brought it back up. Tough cameras are a favorite of mine.

Near the top of the ridge, Cathy said somebody had told her there was a good bit of sassafras along the trail and she was right. I pointed to a number of sprigs and we picked some. Tea tonight for both of us, I think.

Lovely outing on a fine new trail. Thank you, ma'am.

The Cove was gorgeous today.
A fisherman on the sparkling water.
Cathy hiking up a hill.
How do I love thee? Let me count the fish.
Cathy pauses to pose.
Trees as a frame.
Lie on your back, you see this.
Selfie on the ridge.
Harvesting sassafras.
The view halfway up the ridge.
Heaven: Hiking Virginia's woods.

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  1. It was a great day, great hike and great conversation. Anytime Dan! Can't wait to try the sassafras tonight!