Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Michelle Dykstra Endorsement Pulled

Michelle Dykstra: Agrees with Goodlatte.
(RECONSIDERED: I have changed my mind on this after a long conversation with Michelle Dykstra. Read the re-endorsement reasons here.)

(Note: The U.S. has 300 Sanctuary Cities--virtually all run by Democrats--and some Virginia cities are building "detention centers" to hold detained immigrants, a kind of Virginia gulag. This is the definition of Sanctuary City: "A term that is applied by some to cities in the United States or Canada that have policies designed to not prosecute undocumented immigrants in the country they are currently living in. These practices can be by law (de jure) or they can be by habit (de facto). The term generally applies to cities that do not allow municipal funds or resources to be used to enforce federal immigration laws, usually by not allowing police or municipal employees to inquire about an individual's immigration status. The designation has no legal meaning.)

 I am pulling my support for the candidacy of Michelle Dykstra for Roanoke City Council because she reneged on her initial response in not supporting Roanoke as a sanctuary city.

Roanoke should be that fresh water pond of humanity and kindness in a sea of Republican bigotry that is Western Virginia, and support for sanctuary city status is a strong indicator of a city full of compassion and welcoming to all people.

Ms. Dykstra has fallen to pressure from right-wing U.S. Representative Bob Goodlatte of our district, a man she probably opposes across the board. Why not here?

Pearl Fu helped Roanoke gain a national reputation as a welcoming small city for all people from all nations. There are somewhere in the neighborhood of 126 nationalities represented in this city of less than 100,000 and each year we celebrate them with a summer festival honoring them all. If we are not a sanctuary city, then we are a city of hypocrites.

Several City Council candidates who initially said they were in favor of sanctuary status backed off when Goodlatte strongly said he opposed the status. Of course, he does. He is a representative of the party of xenophobia and bigotry, the party that would round people up and put them in concentration camps ("detention centers") because of where they were born, what color their skin is, whether or not they speak English.

Roanoke cannot afford to be openly racist and the sanctuary city designation says we are not, we will not stand for it, we favor the rights of all people, even illegal aliens. We must welcome all people if we are to be the Americans we believe ourselves to be.

Sanctuary status does nothing except announce that the city will not lock up illegal aliens who are under investigation until charges are filed. We have no business establishing concentration camps and I will not vote for those who favor that avenue. Ever.

Two other people I have enthusiastically endorsed--John Garland and Trish White-Boyd--said they were still studying the sanctuary status to fully understand it. I will respond when they do. They may keep my endorsement or lose it, based upon their response.


  1. Thank you for your courage and honesty, Dan.

  2. Where do you get off saying they want to round people up and put them in concentration camps. That comment alone, voids any credibility you have.

    Disagree with them is one thing, lying to attempt to strengthen your position is another. SHAMEFUL!

  3. I'm not at all impressed with people who don't sign their negative responses here, but exactly what the hell do you expect will be done with the immigrants when they are arrested? Do you suppose they will be put into rooms at the Hotel Roanoke and fed at the Regency Room by Republicans? Probably not. Nor will they be allowed to earn a living while the "investigation" goes on.

  4. "Michelle Dykstra: Agrees with Goodlatte." ... That's inaccurate. All she said was that it wasn't a yes or no issue. That doesn't equal a full endorsement of Goodlatte's position.

  5. and i am NOT impressed with you fear mongering, based on ZERO fact.

  6. Anon: I am not at all impressed with you taking shots behind the shield of anonymity. That is a complete failure of courage and conviction. It is difficult to pay any attention to what you way when you don't think enough of it to take responsibility for what you are saying.