Saturday, April 30, 2016

Madeline and Adrianna Ready for the Fair

Madeline (right) and her Spanish friend ready for the Feira.
My daughter-in-law posted this photo of my grandgirl, Madeline, and her BFF, Adrianna, getting ready for a festival in their new flamenco dresses. From the time they are tiny, Spanish girls have these lovely festival dresses in bright colors with lots of frills and they do all the girly things accompanying dress-up to the absolute hilt.

Maddie and Adrianna.
They have the shoes, the jewelry, the makeup, the hairdo, the flowers and bows and they look fantastic. Little girls playing big girls is big everywhere, but in Spain, it is an art form.

Madeline is vacationing in Jerez with Adrianna's family on the west coast of Spain near the American military base there. A couple of weeks ago, they visited the same spot and went boating.

I met the lovely Adrianna when I was there late last summer and she's a sweet, bright young beauty who speaks English as well as anyone you know. She and Maddie live a couple of blocks from each other and I believe Adrianna is a classmate of Maddie's at the English School in Cordoba.

My contribution to all this has been trips with Madeline to Goodwill in Roanoke where Maddie and my friend Leah (among others) tried on fancy party clothes, including shoes. Maddie loved it and never asked that I buy anything. Trying it on was enough for her at the time.

You will note, by the way, that they both know how to pose. Seems to be inbred.

Here is my daughter-in-law Kara's note:

"My girl was invited, by one of her best friends, to Jerez for their Fería--like the county fair but a much bigger deal. I'm quite jealous because the Fería in Jerez is supposed to be gorgeous.

"We had to get a new traditional flamenco dress this year because the other one just does not fit. While I helped her pick it out, and she tried it on, seeing it all together with the shoes and accessories is a different thing. Thankfully our friend, Montse, sent us pictures. Here she is in all her pink glory. What beautiful girls, inside and out."

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