Monday, April 25, 2016

Large Breasts, Larger Brains

If bigger is smarter, this must be a genius.
Want a myth buster that could be called a bra buster, but I won't? Here you go:

"Research has been recently conducted on 1,200 women by Chicago sociologists who found that women with big busts average 10 IQ points higher than less well-endowed women."

That is from a fascinating story about the effect of large breasts on their owners, beginning in puberty where "my ta-tas skipped the training bra stage and slid right into an A cup size, to my mother’s horror." Where "I got my bra straps snapped in the halls of junior high school all the time." Where "I lost the ability to run like the wind. And I lost the innocence of an anonymous childhood too."

There are lots of "wheres" in this story and some revealing confessions. 

The bra size/intelligence study showed "that women with a cup size of D or larger scored an average of 10 points higher than women with size A or B cup size." One of the researchers said that a “theory is that the female hormone estrogen, responsible for breast development, may also play a role in intelligence.” Or not.


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