Sunday, April 10, 2016

It's in the Details on This Spring Day

Blooming dogwood flowers are spectacular.
What began as a chilly, windy hike this morning became a sun-drenched stroll along Tinker Creek and the Roanoke River as the clock turned toward afternoon.

This boy was less timid than playful.
This has been quite a brisk spell and this morning when I went out to check my kayaks for water, I found a lot of ice. My newly-planted basil was limp from frost and trying to die. I pruned it, hoping to salvage the plant. Yesterday it snowed and as I write, the temperature has eased into the 60s on this typically unpredictable spring day.

The one constant: the beauty of spring continues to assert itself, especially in the tiny details that a long lens can capture with my Leica.  Here is some of what I saw on today's excursion.

This is an odd shot with a sepia-toned background. Fun with Fotos.

Spring is painting over the winter's lack of color.
These rainbow trout are slow, stupid stockers that will soon be dinner for a bird or a fisherman.
Yes, weeds can be lovely.
These pillars hold up the road.
Nature's own potted plant.
Nope. That's not a sea monster. It's roots ...
... so are these.
Dandelions are delicate. I'm a fan.
The troll lives here.
Railroad ties are numbered. Who knew? Who cared?
These dudes hold up the railroad tressel.
One more time for the pink dogwood.

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