Monday, April 11, 2016

Goodlatte Using Scare Tactic to Stop Sanctuary City

Goodlatte: A national embarrassment.
Bob Goodlatte, the 6th District Representative to U.S. Congress from Roanoke has just sent the following disgusting, bigoted, xenophobic and massively incorrect message to people he represents:
Candidates for Roanoke City Council have a choice to make. Just last week they advocated making Roanoke a "Sanctuary City."  This type of policy flies in the face of common sense and would create a haven for dangerous criminal aliens, gangs, and drug dealers in our community. 
Recently, in San Francisco, a young woman was murdered on a pier by a criminal alien who had previously been detained on drug charges and later released because of the city's choice not to comply with federal immigration laws. It was a truly preventable tragedy, and one I do not want to see repeated.
Sanctuary cities put our lives in danger.
Pressure from the community has resulted in several candidates retreating from their original position, but some doubled down by repeating their pledge to make Roanoke a Sanctuary City.  
We need to make sure leaders across the 6th Congressional District and the public understand the consequences of Sanctuary City policies.  Sign our petition by clicking the image below ...
Goodlatte's bigotry knows no end and with this, he is putting himself in a league  with the nutjob homophobes in North Carolina, Mississippi, South Carolina and Tennessee. Homophobia, xenophobia, bigotry. Goodlatte is playing to the hard right and he is losing his humanity in the effort. 
Those of us who are in a position to vote for or against him need to contact him directly and tell him exactly what we think of him characterizing Roanoke's immigrant families as dangerous criminals by citing a single case (out of millions of refugees)and that case in San Francisco. Ask him to cite a Roanoke example. A recent Roanoke example. He will not be able to. And even if he could, are we so afraid of a tiny minority that we will treat good people badly?
Know the facts. Warn Goodlatte he is losing you.


  1. Bob Goodlattle ran on a platform of term limits, serving for only ten years. Now, twenty years in, he is desperate to hold onto the healthcare benefits, big office budgets, donationations that can be taken home if he ever leaves, the retirement benefits, and all the rest of the perks of office. My guess is he will do anything to stay in office. Term limits?? I guess that was a good ploy for him until, now, the tea party shows up on his door step.

  2. Goodlatte is a typical trashy Politician in our messed up system! Term limits is our best answer to turn out these old guys with their old man ways n philosophies! Why won't we all wake up? The majority are crooked for exactly the reason you stated, all their cushy benefits and a lifetime of them! What happened to the idea of Public Service to our country instead of feeding off of it's taxpayers? Rise up n vote him out, please! Yeah right, no one really cares! They just want to sit around and complain. Majority of the people don't know what these guys receive for their PUBLIC SERVICE? SMH