Saturday, April 2, 2016

Goodlatte Mirrors Xenophobic Trump

Bob Goodlatte sees immigrants as thugs.
Bob Goodlatte, who has represented this area in the U.S. House for more than two long decades, is now mirroring Donald Trump.

Yesterday, after all the candidates for City Council in Roanoke (save for Sherman Lea, who was not in attendance at a forum) said they supported the city being a sanctuary for illegal immigrants (meaning they would not be held without charge while the immigration authorities look into their status). Goodlatte, a hard right Republican, criticized them by sounding like a certified Trump-level xenophobe: "These sanctuary cities are known to become magnets for gangs, drug dealers, and other criminal aliens as safe havens to avoid apprehension, detention, and deportation under our immigration laws.” Goodlatte is chairman of the House Judiciary Committee and was being quoted by The Roanoke Times (here).

Immigrants to this country (rarely Republicans), regardless of how they got here, are almost all simply looking to improve the lives of their families, provide a good living and become good citizens. They pay taxes and their work ethic is often superior. Goodlatte, like the racist Trump, has a problem believing that, mostly because it is contrary to the Tea Party line and he knows the only group that could take his seat in this region is one that is more conservative than he.

Goodlatte went to Congress having been an immigration lawyer, so he knows better than this. He fully knows that most immigrants obey the law and contribute to their communities. Hell's bells, most of us come from immigrant stock. Almost all of us, in fact.


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  1. FYI - Two of the participants in the debate have since said they DO NOT support Roanoke being a Sanctuary City now that they understand what exactly was being talked about it. Dykstra (sp?) and Howard have both put out statements clarifying their positions.