Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Brisk Breeze, Warm Sun, Two Boats, Relaxation

The colors of early spring can be spectacular, especially from an island at the cove.
Cathy paddling into the sun.
This one was a needed break and fortunately my pal Cathy Dick and I are flexible enough to be ... well ... flexible.

I love living near Carvin's Cove because when I run into a work problem that can't be solved immediately, I can load up my kayak(s) and drive to the cove, which is 20 minutes away. Cathy lives even closer and today I picked her up on the way to the boat launch.

We had a grand time, fighting a brisk wind, but the warm sun on our faces and the spectacular, soft colors of early spring were mesmerizing. Lovely day for both of us, I think.

Young red leaves with Tinker Mountain in the background.
The young gosling of a Canada goose has just emerged from his shell.
Cathy paddles past me.
During a brief stop, the photographer in Cathy emerged.

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