Friday, April 22, 2016

Break-in Spoils Birthday Celebration for Friend

I drove over to a nearby city today to take a good friend to lunch for her birthday, but all the good intentions in the world wound up being meaningless. When we arrived back at her house after eating, I got in my truck and headed home. A while later, I got a call from her telling me the details of a nasty break-in at her home while we were out.

The burglar, she said, "was still in the house when we got back and I don't think he left until I was inside." I'm not going to ID my friend because I don't want anybody taking advantage of this situation in any way.

In any case, she tried to get in her front door after I left and it was bolted, so she want to the back deck and saw that her read door was completely smashed. When she got inside, the house was pretty well ransacked, but she has not been able to determine yet what--if anything--was stolen. That will take some time because all of her jewelry--and she loves jewelry--was dumped out onto the floors.

A couple of years ago, I went over to see this same friend and when I got home, my house had been the target of a burglary. The crooks got two TV sets and two camera rigs (a Nikon and a Canon, both in bags with accessories). I have good insurance with no deductible, so I didn't lose much except my sense of security. My friend in the nearby city, I'm sure, has lost that, too.

She lives in a much better neighborhood than I, so when she and I went to lunch, I left my Leica camera on the seat of my truck and my keys in the cup holder. I wouldn't do that where I live. The burglar, I guess, didn't imagine anybody would be that stupid, so they were still there when I drove off.

This is all a little unnerving and my friend is furious. I hate to imagine what she would do to the thief, given the opportunity. I would probably forgive him, as I did with my burglary, but, still, life is so full of these incidents these days that it is distressing.


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