Friday, April 8, 2016

An Apple Tree Begins Planting Season

This is me putting the final touches of dirt around the Stayman winesap tree.
I think I've probably said it 1,000 times: I love Stayman winesap apples. I eagerly await their three-week peak period in October in the same way some people await a Thanksgiving turkey or a Christmas ham. I love to munch them, to cook with them, to feel the crisp tartness of them.

Today, for the first time, I planted a Stayman tree. Tim Belcher of Rolling Meadow Farm, 40 miles south of Roanoke, brought me one and I picked it up at his Roanoke City Market stall. It was in the ground an hour later, watered, fertilizer-ed (a new verb) and kissed gently on the forehead. Tim's bringing me a cherry tree in a couple of weeks and I have staked out a place in my spacious back yard for it, too.

Just to make planting season official, I also put in some large-leaf Italian basil (which has since been burned by frost) and a clump of dill. Margie will like that, I suspect.

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