Saturday, April 9, 2016

A Short Pause on the Way to the Play

Margie studies the menu.
Margie and I paused at Alejandro's last night before going to the Hollins play "Distracted" to catch a bite of Mexican food.

Alejandro's has about three restaurants in the region and they feature a salsa bar to die for. Here are six of their offerings in the middle of the table, served with hot corn chips.

Margie, who is small, but eats like an NFL linebacker, loves the portions at Alejandro's. She ordered tacos and snarfed them up.

Let me suggest to those of you who like Mexican food that you try the downtown Roanoke Alejandro's because its seasoned grill is outstanding, especially if you like fish tacos. It is smaller than the others, noisier and not as roomy, but the food is the best Mexican I've ever eaten.

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