Wednesday, April 27, 2016

A Photographer and a Kayak: Made for Each Other

Susan's black and white shot of me is one of my all-time faves.
Almost since the day I met my friend Susan more than a year ago, I have been pestering her to go kayaking with me. She had never been before yesterday and I saw the word "Natural" emblazoned over her head in neon.

Susan is decked out and ready to paddle.
That, she is. She had the perfect stroke down to an art within minutes of getting on the water at Carvin's Cove and at one point about halfway through our excursion, she announced she wanted to try to break the Cove's human powered speed record and she proceeded to leave me in the spray.

Natural? Was Ted Williams a natural?

We have photography in common and I mentioned before we shoved off that it might be good if she brought along her little camera--in one of my dry bags--but, for heaven's sake not to try to shoot until she was perfectly comfortable in the boat. The breeze was high and the water relatively rough, which makes for a great ride if you're secure in your boat. I didn't want her turning sideways against the waves and capsizing.

Susan over my shoulder.
No fear. The natural in her picked up her camera after about 30 minutes into the run and proceeded to get some stunning photos, some of which you see here.

Susan studied photography in college and was an avid shooter until a few years ago. She has recently taken up photography again and I am deeply impressed with her work.

Photography for her is--as it should be--an adventure with every shot. It is a soulful, spiritual experience and when it is linked with the natural wonder of kayaking Carvin's Cove, photographer/paddlers almost grow angel wings.

Here is some of what we saw and what we shot yesterday.

Here's Susan, camera in hand, Tinker Mountain in the background.
I'm shooting the sunset; Susan's shooting me.
Reflecting and reflected: Susan pauses for a moment.
Working for the best angle. Susan gets more from her little camera than I get from my Leica.
Paddle girl heading into the choppy water.
Singing a paddling duet ("Saaaaai-ling ... I don't know where I'm going ..."
Island exploring.
The Natural knows her calling and celebrates it.
Susan's shot of the sun going down.
A contented paddler.

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